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Improve Your Facebook Retargeting By Paying Attention To This Simple Detail

Is there anything more annoying than getting hit with an ad from a product you’ve already purchased? I’d argue no. So how do you make sure you’re not wasting your money by targeting those who have already purchased your product?

There is one simple step you need to take when you publish your retargeting ads, and that is to create a custom audience of website purchasers from the past 30, 60 or 90+ days (depending on how long your typical sales cycle is.)

I’d also argue that leaving your retargeting ads open to 30-days is also a waste of money. I typically set up retargeting ads into three buckets;

– 7 Day Audience (minus purchasers)- 14 Day Audience – different message (minus purchasers, minus 7-day audience) And then…

– Pulse retargeting ads to web visitors up to 120 days when the brand I work with has a great offer, promo, new product or something of value. Including or excluding purchasers depends on the content.

To summarize no one likes to be:

  1. Hit with an ad for a product they’ve already purchased.
  2. Bombarded with ads for 30 days when they aren’t ready to purchase.

Using retargeting ads is an effective way to lead future customers towards purchase. Need help coming up with a strategy for how these ads can work for you? Set up a free strategy call today.