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We’re a 100% remote team helping e-commerce businesses across the world grow faster than they could on their own. We do this through a variety of growth strategies including Facebook & Instagram advertising, Google advertising and Email and SMS marketing. 

We’re on a mission to use the unique talents we’ve mastered in digital marketing to influence positive social, economic, and environmental change.

To that end, we partner with purpose-driven, conscious consumer e-commerce brands who are in alignment with our mission so together we can make as big of an impact on our world as possible.

We are dedicated and singularly focused on amplifying the voices of conscious consumer brands so we can reduce the amount of plastic and unnecessary waste in landfills, become better stewards of earth and be the change we want to see. Being a conscious consumer brand might not be the main thing the brands we partner with do, but it is an intentional part of their overall business strategy.

Through digital advertising, we have the power to reach over one-half of the world’s population with messages that initiate their lives, and we take this power very seriously. Which is why we only bring on brands whose products we believe in. The world simply has enough crap, and that’s why we are beyond intentional about the brands we partner with so we can really get behind their products and mission.


Freedom and flexibility. We are Utah based but our entire team is remote. We sign into Slack and open up our work tools on the schedule that fits our lives best. We communicate asynchronously, work autonomously, and take ownership of our work. We believe in spending more time with our families and less time commuting.

Teamwork and fun. A 100% distributed team doesn’t mean you’re all alone. We’re constantly connecting through Slack or Zoom chats. Through consistency and culture, we’ve even managed to build great friendships with teammates.

Learning and development. The digital marketing space moves quickly. To stay at the top of our game we’re always learning and experimenting with new things. If you’re the type of person who is constantly learning and applying then you’ll fit right in here.

Opportunity to grow. Our leadership team makes our plans and goals clear. We’ll clearly point the way to your next development milestone, and provide opportunities for you to proactively work towards. The rest is up to you.

Small enough to care big enough to execute. Our goal is not to be a high-volume agency. We work with a small number of clients and keep these clients for a really long time. This helps us build personal relationships with our clients and become an extension of their team.

Relationships matter. Our relationships with each other and with our clients and with our client’s customers make our world a little bit smaller. We will never be a “turn and burn” agency as it comes to brands we partner with and people we hire. We know if we keep our people happy, they’ll keep our clients happy. We believe in transparency, over-communicating, over-delivering and working with urgency. 


We believe in honoring your commitments. We believe in doing what we say … and saying what we do.

We believe in mastery over being a generalist. We believe that being highly specialized in our field gives us a huge advantage in growth marketing.

We believe in the best interest of our customers, authenticity, integrity, open communication and transparency in all things we do.

We believe success is a poor teacher. There is no such thing as failure – there are only learning opportunities.

We believe in celebrating wins – big and small. If we get too caught up in the grind of always achieving more, we miss out on the chance to celebrate our progress and journey.

We believe the last thing the world needs is more fast fashion and landfill waste. Although it can be hard and inconvenient, we push ourselves to think about the environment’s needs first, and our own needs second. This mindset helps us align with our clients and their customers, and also makes us better community members and people in general.

We believe in the power of digital marketing and its ability to influence thoughts, perspectives, purchases and because we understand this power, we use it for good.

We believe in growth over comfort. The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and with it, we must constantly change. So we refine our best practices, seek out our own blind spots, innovate, shift and pivot and advise the businesses we work with to do the same.


Media Buyer (Immediate Need)

Email Content Manager (Immediate Need)

Video Producer

CRO Specialist

Google Specialist

Don’t see a position you’re interested in? We’re always looking for talented people. Send us your resume to becca@falllinedigital.com


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