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The Quest For E-commerce Success features interviews with Founders and thought leaders who have solved major challenges in the areas of product development and digital advertising to grow a profitable, scalable e-commerce business. 

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Hi! I’m Rebecca Babicz, the founder of Fall Line Digital and the host of the Quest For E-Commerce Success Podcast.

On my show, I’ll interview Founders and thought leaders from emerging e-commerce brands to learn how they moved from idea, through product development and e-commerce success.

My goal for the show is to provide insights into what’s working and what’s not working in digital marketing today so listeners can reap collective value from those who are in the weeds doing the hard work, every day.

We’ll kick off the show to learn the guest’s story. How they came up with the idea for their brand and how they went from idea to product.

Then we’ll get into the challenges and successes they’ve had with running a profitable, scaleable online business.

We’ll be talking through acquisition strategies on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok as well as how to keep an engaged audience primed to buy through channels like email and sms (text marketing).

Every show will be different and each guest will share their unique story and talk about what’s worked for them in terms of digital marketing.

I hope to share insights alongside my guests to further paint a fuller picture for aspiring entrepreneur and thriving business owners and give actionable, key insights that you can apply to your e-commerce business strategy.

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