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How CEO Dario Markovic Helped 37-Year Old Luxury Brand, Eric Javits’ Become A D2C Powerhouse

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Dario grew up in Basel, Switzerland. He studied Business Administration and has always believed in self-educating himself, especially in the world of digital advertising, marketing and e-commerce. After he got married to a Chilean he started a marketing agency in Santiago de Chile with clients all over the world. 
In the middle of the recent pandemic crisis, Eric Javits Inc, New York brought Dario on as its CEO, who turned around the whole company through his experience and knowledge in the digital world and saved the company from bankruptcy. Now, the company generates 80% in revenue through its own e-commerce. 
Dario is still exploring, testing and developing all the possibilities that the digital world gives today in the fields of digital marketing, using Meta Ads, Google Ads, Tik Tok, YouTube, email marketing, SMS marketing, loyalty Programs, CRO, SEO, and many more. Dario is also streamlining financial processes, restructuring internal processes and expansion strategies into different continents. 
Eric Javits just launched their first stores in Korea. Soo they will launch stores in Japan and other countries. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Quest for E-Commerce Success:
  • How Dario helped Eric Javits from going belly up during the 2020 Pandemic by building an online store and digital strategy, generating $3.8m in online sales in a matter of months.  
  • The digital marketing strategies Dario has implemented and tested (and which ones are working).  
  • The struggles of moving from a physical store to an online experience.
  • How to build your team, and plan for global growth.
  • The importance of customer loyalty, and how Eric Javits is maintaining customer retention after the shift.
  • The positive possibilities of launching your own app.
  • How to build brand loyalty 
Connecting with Dario Markovic::
Connecting with the host:
  • 4:51 – “We tested it for a week, and we saw there was an opportunity, and in May of 2020, in a matter of a few months, sold a few million dollars of business through the shopify store.”
  • 10:34 – “For us it wasn’t one campaign, it wasn’t one feed or image, or anything specific. It was an overall strategy through facebook and google.”
  • 13:29 – “We realized we needed more productivity,  more testing, even more creative. We need to be smarter, and we need to be a better advertiser, and it’s not really that easy anymore.”
  • 15:09 – “When you grow, you need to be able to lift that growth. It’s a good problem, but still a problem. So if you don’t tackle it well, you might lose out on the opportunity, or you simply won’t grow.”
  • 29:36 – “They need to stay in the game, they  need to constantly be out there saying ‘Hey I’m here, I’m present, I want you to come back.’ ”

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