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Social Media Strategy And Management

Calling all brands who want to build a cult following

We apply a proven strategy.

You reap the benefits of an engaged online community.

We get it. You know social media is an important part of your brand’s digital strategy and growth, but you just don’t have the time or the know how to make it work. Your product is amazing but you struggle to convey it in a way that engages those most likely to purchase from you.

It shouldn’t have to be this way.

We have a plan and it’s worked for brands like Ragnar Relay Series, Terramar Sports, Boombotix speakers and Action Village.

We’re here to help you build and execute a strategy that turns fans into online evangelists, useful content into leads and compelling creative into sales. Let us do the heavy lifting of building a long-term social strategy so you can focus on other things.

As a social media agency, here’s what we’ll do to build a brand worth following:

Community Managment

Your customers are talking about you, talking to you and talking to their friends about you. Community management is about responding, engaging and humanizing your brand across your social channels.

Channel Strategy

Each social media channel (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Youtube) should be treated differently. We’ll help you develop a playbook for the types of content you should be creating for each channel and what your strategy for attracting and engaging a die-hard audience is across each channel.

Content Development and Scheduling

Your social media is only as good as your content and your content is only as good as your ability to plan and execute. Your social media will only be as successful as the story you can tell. Our team of content pros creates videos, infographics, motion graphics, blog posts, landing pages or visual creative to boost the results of your social. We can also work with your in-house team of creatives to develop hyper-focused creative that tells a compelling story. We’ll help you develop your content so you’re speaking to the target audience in a way that engages them, as well as build out your social calendar to avoid ad hawk social media posts and off-brand content.

Reporting and Analytics

We provide detailed reporting and analytics so together we can see what’s working and what’s not. Our goal is to duplicate the efforts of what works over and over again to build brand consistency across your social channels. We measure the KPIs that are important to not only growing your brand, but growing your bottom line.