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Little Partners creates Montessori-inspired products that foster independence, creativity, and build confidence in young children. Their product suite encompasses their flagship Learning Towers in addition to easels, step stools, climbing triangles, slides and wobble boards. These luxury products are wood constructed and beautiful additions to homes and playrooms, unlike their plastic-made counterparts that are cheaply made, and create clutter and chaos. 

Little Partners was really good at what we like to call “random acts of marketing.” It’s not that the company wasn’t doing marketing and advertising, it’s that the marketing and advertising they were deploying was fragmented and unfocused. Dabbling in a little bit of everything without being able to understand what channels were contributing to their bottom line, left Little Partners feeling trapped. They asked themselves: How are customers finding out about us? Which of our digital channels are most profitable? How do we grow our business through our online store, and not just Amazon? Little Partners turned to Fall Line Digital for help. 

After conducting our digital adverting audit, we uncovered that Little Partners had an incredible amount of opportunity. They were only scratching the surface with what digital advertising could do for their business. 

The results and year over year growth we were able to get Little Partners even surprised us! Here are the biggest key initiatives that gave us outsized results: 

Investing in an Attribution Tracking Tool

One of the biggest problem that Little Partner’s had was their conversion tracking wasn’t set-up properly – in combination with Facebook’s “modeled data” – it was impossible to know what was driving online sales. We deployed our internal attribution tracking tool so we could understand which channels, campaigns and ad creatives were giving Little Partners the biggest return. We turned off the ones that didn’t perform, scaled the ones that did and continued to test new ideas to grow Little Partners beyond the holiday season. 

Unlocking the “Hero” Product on Facebook

Through our product discovery exercise and structured A/B testing we were able to unlock Little Partner’s hero product. That is the product that drives the most and best first time customers at the lowest cost per acquisition (CPA). We created and tested (and continue to test) new video ads, ad copy, photography, offers, audiences and landing page elements for this signature product at the lowest cost. 

Going Beyond one-time purchasers with a LTV Strategy 

After we unlocked Little Partners Hero ad and were able to acquire new customers at a profitable and sustainable rate, our next challenge was to introduce new products to these customers that were relevant to the age of child they have. We worked out an LTV post-purchase strategy targeting existing customers on SMS and email with additional Little Partner’s products that improved our repeat customer rate from less than 10% to over 30%. 

Reaching T.A.M. with Google Performance Max Campaigns 

In addition to running Facebook and Instagram ads, we needed a way to reach our total addressable market (TAM). Google’s launch of Performance Max campaigns, gave us a huge opportunity to reach new customers across Google’s properties including Display, YouTube and Google Shopping. Through our market research, and understanding of future customer’s and the problem LP’s product solve, we were able to to create campaigns that scale at 4X in non-holiday months. 

Going beyond Ads with a Growth & Business Strategy 

With the insane amount of growth that Little Partners saw in their online sales after working with Fall Line Digital, new challenges arose. Littler Partners now needed a long-term growth strategy so they could forecast the amount of inventory they needed to purchase and t

he cash they needed available for payroll. We helped Little Partners figure out the big questions with revenue forecasting, advanced attribution modeling, 

LTV forecasting and new product development. Our relationship continues to thrive as we tackle the big business decisions together. 

195% Growth in Sales Year Over Year

252% Growth in Sales in Q4

19% Average MER (Marketing Efficiency Ratio) 

5.2X blended ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

“Little Partners saw impressive growth shortly after the partnership with Fall Line Digital began. Now, with streamlined asset creation and targeted audiences, Fall Line Digital has successfully scaled Little Partners’ online business exponentially year to date.
In the past, Little Partners lacked the support to reach its full potential in the digital marketing space. In the past, current goals seemed out of reach. Fall Line Digital changed everything!” – Shawna Schmitz, Director of Marketing, Little Partners 

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