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Squirrel.WS: Creating a Strategy to Reduce Wasteful Spend and Get Over 100X ROAS through Retargeting

Squirrel.WS is a leading base jumping and wingsuit flying brand that has built a world-wide following through their fanatical, adrenaline-seeking, sport-obsessed customer base. 

[The Problem]

The problem that Squirrel.WS faced that their brand attracts potential purchasers in addition to fans who find their sport intriguing and inspirational, but would never themselves purchase the product. Deploying a traditional digital strategy would waste a lot of Squirrel’s advertising budget by reaching people who would never have the need for the product, although they are highly engaged with the brand. 

[The Ask]

We were tasked with building a Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy for a brand that has a niche consumer base. 

[The Solution]

We deployed a world-wide strategic retargeting strategy by creating campaigns for 15+ countries, in addition to creating a retargeting strategy to target people with relevant messages depending on what product pages they showed interest in, and how long ago they visited the site.

[The Results]

The biggest results that Squirrel.WS saw from our partnership were 1. they were able to spend their advertising budget more effectively and not waste money on those not likely to purchase and 2. saw a 100X+ ROAS month after month through our Facebook and Instagram retargeting strategy. We’re not kidding.


May 1, 2020