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(old) Hyde Yoga: Growth Through Digital Advertising Strategy

.Re-Imagining Hyde’s Brand Story to drive E-Commerce Growth through Facebook, Instagram, Google and Email marketing.

Hyde is a San Francisco based brand that makes organic cotton, yoga essentials that are made in California. In a world of fast fashion leggings and basic clothing, they find a niche audience that values clothing made to last for several years, that cares clothes won’t be harmful to the world at the end of its cycle. The brand had success with wholesale but knew that their direct to consumer channel was in dire need of a digital strategy. We were tasked with building a digital strategy from zero, to push immediate e-commerce growth for the business.

[The Ask]

We were tasked with building out a strategy for online paid advertising including Facebook and Instagram advertising, Google advertising and email marketing. 

[The Solution]

We deployed a strategy that initially involved Facebook and AdWords advertising, and as our partnership grew we migrated hyde away from mail chimp and on-baordered them to Drip CRM, to give them more tools to target and gain insights into their 20,000 email list. The focus of our efforts was on testing baselines for which digital properties would provide the biggest ROI and pathway to growth. We were focused on both evergreen campaigns as well as product-specific pushes on a monthly basis.

[The Results]

Hyde saw immediate results from the launch of their advertising. We ran a campaign that was focused on maintaining high-level ROI but also managing their brand feel. We were able to more than triple their direct to consumer sales while maintaining a 4:1 ROAS even during non-Q4 holiday sales. 


April 30, 2020