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Video Marketing for E-Commerce Brands with Buck Wild Media’s James Dayton

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James Dayton is the CEO of Buck Wild Media and an agency video marketer with a proven track record of making amazing video campaigns for world -renown brands. 

James produces and directs some of the world’s most Powerful Conversion Videos that have massively scaled companies and products. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Quest for E-Commerce Success:

  • Video marketing options e-commerce brands have. 
  • Why video marketing has an advantage in the marketplace. 
  • The benefits of using long-form media. 
  • How to use testing to improve your CPA and conversion rate. 
  • How much ad spend testing costs. 
  • How to combine different marketing formats to convert cold prospects. 
  • How to come up with ideas for a successful ad campaign.


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  • 10:58 – “We’ve been defying Facebook best practices for years. We’ve heard a lot of ‘go one one, go four five, go sub fifteen, go sub thirty’ and yes it predictably drops the CPM’s, the cost per thousand impressions, but what’s the point of dropping the CPMs if it doesn’t convert? You still have to deliver that message to the heart in the most effective way possible so if that’s in a sub fifteen second way that’s fantastic because the CPMs are so much lower but if you need to take more time to explain that whether it’s UGC, whether it’s a long form brand conversion video, whether it’s a narrative conversion video what matters is that we do what works.”
  • 21:58 – “Everything from UGC to unboxing videos all the way up to lower form spokesperson videos up to the big brand world creation and character creation, everything’s important it’s not one size fit all where you only need this or you only need this, really you want to fill that funnel with as many high end vs low-end touch points as you possibly can.”
  • 28:22 – “Sometimes people will say ‘yea I care about this’, but their wallet will say something different, it’s just how we subconsciously vote, is with our dollars.”

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