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E:2 Using User-Generated Content to Grow Your Brand with SWAIR’s Carrie Sporer

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Carrie Sporer graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with Bachelor’s Degrees in both Economics and Communications. Prior to launching SWAIR, she held positions as the VP of Sales and Operations at Edie Parker, Director of Sales at Judith Leiber and launched a sales and operations consultancy, CS Consulting.

In addition to a genuine passion for ideating and creating innovative products, Carrie enjoys dance parties with her two sons, running with her “morning crew” before the sun comes up, and stress-baking. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Quest for E-Commerce Success:

    • How Carrie built the formula for her first product.
    • How to take a new product from the idea phase to the production phase.
    • The challenges of producing a new product.
    • The different hats you need to wear when running an e-commerce business.
    • How to get your product’s first online sale
    • How to use video marketing and user-generated content to grow your brand.
    • How Carrie got Swair to go viral on TikTok.
    • The benefits of selling your product on Amazon.
    • How customers behave differently when buying from a third-party seller like Amazon.
    • What to take into account when pricing a new product.
    • How to fail fast, go for it and grow a thriving online business


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    • 14:00 – “User-generated content is an amazing, I don’t want to call it a trend, I just think it’s an important pillar of digital advertising, taking what your audience is saying about you and then repurposing it to a potential audience.”
    • 19:30 – “There’s a lot of hesitation to be on Amazon and I think that there are a million reasons for small brands who are selling on their own stores and websites to not be on Amazon, but I also think that there is definitely a case for being on Amazon and I think you’ve proved that perfectly. My theory is you need to go where your audience is and your audience is on Amazon, who’s not on Amazon?”
    • 24:28 – “You really have to price yourself correctly to do business, to allow affiliates to take 20 percent, to allow Amazon to take its Prime fees, to be able to go on sale and not lose money, to be able to offer a low shipping cost.”

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