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Leveraging the Full Potential of Shopify with Certified Shopify Expert Jonathan Schwartz

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Jonathan “Adam” Schwartz lives in the Boston area and started JAS Technology in 2010 to offer software consulting services to businesses in need of a technology partner. Since 2013, JAS has been primarily focused on helping Shopify merchants improve their stores with custom theme and application development. 

A registered Shopify Expert, JAS Technology has enjoyed working alongside these Shopify merchants, learning about their businesses, and helping them thrive. 
In this episode you’ll learn about: 
  • The ins and outs of e-commerce websites – incredible ways to integrate websites and apps to create the perfect e-commerce system.
  • Shopify from a developer point of view – Shopify is a fast-growing community, with many options for themes, applications, and uses. 
  • Using WordPress vs. using Shopify – the importance of knowing what you need in a website and how to choose the appropriate platform.
  • Having a plan – Building a website can be overwhelming, when you start with a plan for your products and pricing, you save yourself time, and stress.
  • Building a user-friendly website – why you should rely on your experts so you don’t leave out any important aspects when building your website.
  • Developing a website theme – best practices and great resources for building your e-commerce website with a creative, original theme.
  • Finding the right Shopify apps – having the right apps can improve your website function, but too many apps can bug your site down, it’s important to find the right apps for you.
  • What is an API and how does it work – APIs allow our websites to integrate together or with 3rd party sites, it’s important to have an expert help you get these right!
  • The pros and cons of Shopify Plus – how its design is a great fit for high-volume companies.
  • Anything is possible in website design –  with a plan and a great design you can create the perfect website to match your every need
  • The importance of website speed and optimization – from checking your speed rating to making changes so it can run at optimal speed.
  • The dangers of third-party apps, always do your research before adding an app to your website and make sure it won’t cause bugs or slowdowns.

Connecting with Jonathan:

Connecting with the host:
  • 2:26 “My view of Shopify is that it’s a fantastic platform, really powerful.”
  • 4:04 “WordPress was a content management system that added e-commerce, and Shopify is an e-commerce system that added on content management.”
  • 10:41 “ Shopify apps are kind of like iPhone apps, where the majority of them are garbage, some of them are awesome.”
  • 12:58 “If Shopify did everything perfectly, no one should need me.”
  • 14:50 “Everything’s possible, that’s the beauty of this open platform.”
  • 17:15 “ I know people who have a WordPress site and a Shopify site and guess what, they both have APIs so you can communicate between them if need be.”
  • 24:24 “Everything is possible, you just have to scope it out well and design it.”

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