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How To Use Non-Traditional Influencers To Build Authority with Snuggy Buddy’s Sue Bortone

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Sue Bortone is the Founder and CEO of Snuggy Buddy and is the Founder and Recruitment Consultant of the Noble Talent Group.

Sue has a passion for helping others succeed and grow and bringing others’ visions to life. She is a Harvard Business School Certified Leader and is Certified in Management and Change Management. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Quest for E-Commerce Success:


  • How Sue developed a product that helps babies and toddlers sleep better 
  • The learning curve in product development and manufacturing. 
  • How long it takes to get a patent and how to do it.
  • Getting your product out to customers beyond your direct network 
  • Connecting with experts to build an affiliate network.
  • Leverage bigger brand’s newsletter to reach your target audience





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  • 4:23 – “It’s been a really big learning curve working through getting a patent, through finding a production team, through compliances, all those things that you have no idea about when you’re just walking into a store and buying a product and you really find about when you actually try and make the product.”
  • 28:40 – “Don’t give up, just because you don’t have experience in a space and not every day is easy keep going because there’s so much you’re going to learn along the way and it’s just going to make you stronger for it. Ask for help, you’ll be shocked how many people are willing to help you, whether you know them or not, total complete strangers and then the other thing is really find that partner, for us it’s our sleep consultants, who can be your expert and your best ambassador, just finding that niche and thinking about what correlates best with your brand.”

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