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How to Grow an E-commerce Business Without Traditional Marketing Channels with The Playmaker Project’s Chase Jackson

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Chase Jackson has worked in E-commerce since 2009 and is the Founder and CEO of The Playmaker Project, where he’s helped over 28,000 athletes from around the world improve their athletic performance.

The Playmaker Project is the only Human Performance company in the World for athletes, by athletes, serving athletes. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Quest for E-Commerce Success:

  • How to transfer from digital products to physical products.
  • How to avoid the overhead associated with testing products.
  • The best way to find a high-quality manufacturer.
  • How to best use Facebook lead ads.
  • What to do if your ad gets rejected.
  • Why Facebook and Instagram ad accounts get shut down.
  • How to transition away from traditional marketing channels.
  • How much to pay ambassadors.
  • Ways Gen Z use the internet differently from other generations.
  • How to train influencers to be more successful.


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  • 13:52 – “Our customers love our products and many of them have been excited to create content and talk about them, so immediately what came to mind was how can we formalize this in a way that will benefit them and will benefit us.”
  • 24:02 – “They get a certain percentage of revenue, I don’t want to give an exact percentage but a certain percentage and it’s higher than you would probably think and the reason for that is I’m a big believer of really rewarding and taking care of your sales staff and having tiers in terms of sales is something we do have in our fall quarter plan but right now it’s making sure they’re taken care of on the back end in terms of that they know what to do once they become a distributor.”
  • 25:55 – “One of the common things with Gen Z, which is 18 to 24 is that they don’t have an attention span and things like that and what I’ve learned is that’s not true, it’s just you’re right they did grow up with it so they understand that they have options, they have lots of options. So you really have to be on point with everything that you create whether that’s on social media and then the experience they have going into the store. So in terms of Gen Z bounce rate is high, for the audience that doesn’t know bounce rate is if they go on your website if they leave without going to another page that’s considered a bounce, but at the same time if they don’t bounce then they’re staying on the site much longer than other age groups.”

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