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How to Build Trust with your Customers with HELM Boots’ Brad Day

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Brad spent 16 years with Adidas before diving into the start-up turn-around world, and loves helping founders and other small business owners navigate the challenges we all share.

Based in Portland, Oregon Brad is currently introducing the world to HELM Boots as their CEO & President. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Quest for E-Commerce Success:

  • How being a CEO changes as your company grows.
    • How Brad transformed his business to become scaleable and more profitable.
    • The need for specialists and how to find them.
    • How much you should spend to acquire new customers.
    • How to build a website that converts customers.
    • Ways to maintain quality in your products.
    • How to build trust with your consumers around your product.
    • The cost of processing returns.
    • Loyalty programs for returning customers.
    • The future of the direct-to-consumer space.




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  • 12:38 – “If you can figure out how to profitably acquire customers and customers that convert within your margin structure you can build a sustainable direct-to-consumer business, if you can’t you will not be successful as a direct-to-consumer business.”
  • 33:51 – “Brands that really care about their customers, and serving their customers, and care about making great products and have a really authentic brand story that they can translate across direct to consumer but also is translated in-store in-person through retailers so that retailers can help tell your stories. Those are the brands that are going to survive, and brands are really true to their authentic self and not being like hey here’s the ten things you wanna do if you want to be a direct-to-consumer company you need to have Facebook ads and TikTok ads and you need to have fulfilment you need to do all these things and if you spend enough you’ll get customers and if you get enough influencers talking about your products like those companies come and go and I think it’s really hard to sustain.”

39:01 – “Product is key, you have to have passion for your product and making sure that you’re delivering a quality of product that you’re proud of. It’s ok not to know and if you don’t know be honest about that and find people that do and it’s hard. It’s hard and it takes a long time, be patient if you’re passionate about what you do surround yourself with other people that are passionate about it but it’s hard, it takes a long time.”

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