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How to Build A Purpose Driven Brand with Of an Origin’s Candice Collison

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Candice Collison has spent her career at the intersection of technology, commerce, and social responsibility. She is an experienced sales and marketing consultant drawing on 16 years of consumer and B2B marketing expertise. She spent 6 years at Facebook in Sales and Marketing, has worked for Google, and helped launch eCommerce and digital marketing efforts for The North Face. While at Facebook, Candice led Retail Marketing efforts helping retailers navigate new consumer behaviors through industry thought leadership, industry event activations, and sales enablement programs.

Candice has a deep passion for social enterprise; in 2015 she founded a sustainable eCommerce and Retail business Mod + Ethico. She is now launching her second sustainable clothing venture Of an Origin, a sustainable DTC line of feeding-friendly collection for motherhood that launched in early 2021. Candice has three young daughters, Adalynn, Ellery, and Lilah, serves as a coach and advisor to purpose-driven startups and small businesses and holds a BA from The University of Virginia, and an MBA from Kellogg. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Quest for E-Commerce Success:

  • The power of digital e-commerce.
  • The importance of finding the purpose of your business.
  • How to build out your target audience.
  • How Candice kept an accessible price point while maintaining quality.
  • How much it costs to get converts.
  • How to become a part of an online community.
  • How to get user-generated content for your brand.
  • The challenges of building a brand.
  • Different equity opportunities and fundraising solutions for companies.


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  • 15:03 – “We decided strategically, we would make these price points more accessible and then over time we’re going to find different ways to find more margin through the supply chain and also our working model.”
  • 34:23 – “There are a few different tactical levers to get some of that UGC but also just different ways to collaborate with other brands that’s been a really big focus of mine over the past couple of months and networking and building those relationships.”
  • 38:18 – “Being a smaller brand you just have to be relentless with trying to build those partnerships, some other small but bigger brands will say yes and answer the email or answer the DM and that’s amazing but I think it’s just getting your name out there, getting the brand out there, you feel like you’re constantly running and sprinting, it’s one of the most challenging parts of it just constantly getting out there getting out there but it’s also really rewarding.”

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