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Building Brand Presence and Directing Traffic to Your Website with Body Glove’s Chad LaBass

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Chad LaBass is a born-and-raised surfer & marketeer hailing from Newport Beach, California. When he’s not working on all things digital or enjoying time with his two sons surfing, skating, or snowboarding, he is catching waves himself alongside his wife, Carrie.

Inspired by all things water, California Lifeguards and waterman Bill and Bob Meistrell constructed the first functional wetsuit, the “body glove” In 1953.

Today Body Glove continues to thrive by creating inspiring, high-quality adventure-driven products available to consumers worldwide. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of The Quest for E-Commerce Success:

  • The non-traditional business model of Body Glove. 
  • The benefits of having a brand presence in retail shops. 
  • Strategies to get first-party information from customers. 
  • How to be more targeted and personal with your customers. 
  • How the IOS update affected remarketing abilities. 
  • Using content creators and influencers to get your brand seen. 
  • Effective tech stacking for driving revenue. 
  • Different Amazon strategies to direct traffic towards your website. 
  • The addiction of e-commerce marketing. 
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    • 13:22 – “Definitely after the first purchase we are pretty hyper-focused on getting the second purchase because that’s when LTV starts going through the roof once you can get second and third purchases. But we’re always still trying to fill the top of the funnel and remarked to existing customers when there’s something new and exciting.”
    • 29:29 – “​​Another strategy, and we tried this at Pelagic because Amazon just eats and your profits or whatever, and takes, 17 – 18% of everything. So what we did is we put all of our products on there, but we raised the price by 20%. So what it did was if we did sell anything, we basically made the same we made coming off our website, but also if the consumer would go back and look at our website they buy from us, because it was 20% cheaper.”
    • 35:04 – “It’s really getting smart about how much you’re spending to operate your e-commerce business, and if you can strip it down just to the key things which is having a fast site, having inventory, and having really good creative timely messaging to drive the traffic you’ll win for the most part.”

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