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How We Grew A Start-Up Jewelry Accessory Brand With Social Ads Converting at 12X

How We Grew A Start-Up Jewelry Accessory Brand With Social Ads Converting at 12X

Updated: Jul 24

When Bezels & Bytes came to us, they were spending money on Facebook and getting average results.

As a busy small business owner, Melissa Koerner found herself with just about a million and one things to do, and optimizing a Facebook ads strategy fell to the bottom of the list. After trying other ad agencies and trying to run the ads herself, she almost settled for average results.

We knew we could not only free up Melissa’s time but also that we could explode Bezels & Bytes sales and help take the luxury apple watch band brand to the next level.

How we helped…

A lot of work went into optimizing this brand’s accounts, much more than we can put in this case study.

But if we had to pick the handful of changes that gave us the most outsized results, we would narrow it down to these three big changes:

  1. ​Digging Into Technical Issues To Optimize Ads
  2. Developing Copy That Converts
  3. Applying the Fall Line Digital Facebook Funnel Strategy

“Every time I wanted to execute a Facebook ad campaign, it took me hours to learn the Facebook ad platform and figure out formats and targeting. I didn’t have the time to learn the details to test and optimize creative, targeting, and format. When I started working with Fall Line Digital, I realized there was even more I didn’t know. Fall Line implemented a much more sophisticated targeting and creative strategy that increased our ROI by over 300%!” – Mellissa K., Bezels&Bytes CEO and Founder

Unleashing The Opportunity at Hand…

Melissa likes to give us credit, but we also like to give credit where it’s due. The fact that Bezels & Bytes is a beautiful product, solving a big problem for Apple Watch users, and their desire to want something more than a rubber watch band, positioned them nicely and set them up for success.

There are some really important lessons to be learned from this case study. Like how to build a foundation to set your ads up for success, how to use copy that speaks to your target audience and how to deploy a full-funnel strategy to convert web traffic into sales.

Proven Strategy #1: Building A Strong Technical Social Ads Foundation

Facebook advertising campaigns are a lot like building a house. The first thing you need to do is build a strong foundation. This means installing your Facebook pixel, standard events, custom conversions and organizing and creating your custom audiences and look-a-like audiences in an organized way. This is where most people get stuck. They might be able to place ads, but lack the technical experience to ensure their ads and website are working as it should. We were able to dig into Bezels & Bytes standard event code and troubleshoot technical issues so that low funnel retargeting as worked properly. Before we fixed these issues, there was a lot of money being left on the table. The results were low funnel ads that converted at 18X.

Proven Strategy #2: Write Copy That Converts

Bezels & Bytes entered a competitive space of jewelry watch bands, and their price point was higher than many of their competitors who made less-appealing, cheaper looking bands. Being that Bezels & Bytes is a luxury brand, we knew we needed copy that was spot on or our target audience wouldn’t “buy it.” The copy we developed was laser focused on the empowered working-woman and pushed Bezels&Bytes to think about their brand in a new way.


Bezels And Bytes: Fall Line Digital Ad Examples


Additional copy examples include:

  • Confidence is knowing you wore the right accessories.​
  • Show up to your next Power lunch and take names, not notes.
  • Yes, you can rock metal studs. We’ve seen your power moves.

“I can focus on other parts of the business, now that I trust Fall Line to focus on customer acquisition. Fall Line takes ownership of the results and optimizes throughout the campaign,” Melissa K., Bezels&Bytes CEO and Founder

Proven Strategy #3: Using A Funnel Strategy To Convert A Cold Audience

When Bezels&Bytes used other agencies to run ads themselves, through our free campaign audit, we discovered a huge hole in their strategy. They were not using Facebook’s advanced targeting to (1) target a cold audience most likely to convert and (2) retarget their low funnel prospects effectively. As certified Facebook planners and buyers we were able to apply a funnel strategy, to explode Bezels& Bytes’ return on ad spend from 3.5X to 12.49X.

“When I worked with other social ad companies, the ROI was similar to what I produced on my own. There was an initial set up, with little follow-up or optimization beyond what Facebook does automatically.  It didn’t feel like a partnership in any way. In contrast, Fall Line Digital dug into our Facebook interface, figured out technical issues, created message they thought would perform, and continually optimized our ads by understanding our business priorities and our customer.” Mellissa K., Bezels&Bytes CEO and Founder
Results From Bezels & Bytes Facebook and Instagram Ads
Looking Back, We Could Have Done These Things Even Better…

We don’t want you to get the impression that we’ve always do everything right here at Fall Line Digital.

We’re incredibly good at Facebook and Instagram ads. As good as you’ll be able to find anyone else in the world. We’re laser focused on building e-commerce brands, and always learning from the accounts we work on.

We are human and we’re always improving and learning. We feel it’s important to be honest about this, as we’re always open to what we can do better next time.

Here are two additional things we would have done from the beginning;

1. Increase ad spend to scale campaigns. At the 12X we got Bezels & Bytes there was money being left on the table. When you narrowly focus on return on ad spend (ROAS), you don’t give yourself the opportunity to get the most amount of incremental sales as you increase your budget. We would have applied our scaling rules to increase spend as long as we were hitting a certain ROAS to generate even more revenue. A high ROAS is great, but even better is a maintainable ROAS + incremental revenue.

2. Deploy an up-sell strategy to recent purchasers. With clients similar to Bezels&Bytes (e-commerce / apparel), we’ve tested a strategy where we target recent purchasers with an upsell offer, and the results have been outstanding. Recent purchasers are low hanging fruit because they’re already very familiar with your brand. These folks also shouldn’t be abused as they just purchased your product, and might appreciate a breather from the ads. This strategy is worth testing from the beginning as we’ve seen above average results while maintaining high ad scores for similar clients.

In conclusion…..

Some of the things we did for Bezels & Bytes were relatively small changes – changing the ad copy to be more targeted, testing more than one piece of ad content and digging into the pixel events to prevent mis-firing issues. While other changes were a bit more dramatic like restructuring ad campaigns into our funnel strategy.

Many busy small business owners who are trying to grow their business through e-commerce don’t understand the opportunity they’re sitting on. They fumble through the steep learning curve that is digital advertising and settle for average results. It shouldn’t be this way.

We’ve put an immense amount of effort into specializing on growing e-commerce startups, and when we bring on new clients we’re able to hit the ground running and get you the results you deserve

Our last advice: don’t settle for average.