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Don’t Hire A Facebook Ad Agency Unless They Can Answer These 5 Questions

Don’t Hire A Facebook Ad Agency Unless They Can Answer These 5 Questions

Updated: Aug 30, 2018

Facebook ads: they’re confusing as heck, take a long time to master and you could be throwing away money if don’t have every detail dialed. Anyone who has experienced a flopped campaign understands how quickly money can disappear.

But how do you know the person you want to hire knows their stuff?

Ask them these 5 questions to cut through the smoke and mirrors:

1. What is your process for scaling a campaign?

It’s important you work with someone who knows how to scale a campaign. It’s one thing to get great results, it’s another to be able to recognize trends and understand how to add more budget while duplicating those results. Anyone can be a one-trick pony.

2. How do you ensure my Facebook pixel is set up properly?

Pixels and event tracking are everything as it comes to a strategic Facebook campaign. And sometimes for one reason or another, technology just doesn’t work the way it should. But instead of basing a budget, strategy and results on something that’s broken, your ad consultant should have a process to ensure the tracking is set up properly.

3. What else should I be doing to ensure a successful campaign?

Anyone that tells you that Facebook ads are the only digital strategy you need is wrong. All of your digital channels should be working together. Your ad consultant should be able to give you some ideas for how to maximize your Facebook strategy to strengthen all of your digital marketing efforts and vice versa.

4. What brands have you worked with that are similar to mine? And what results have you provided them with?

A Facebook consultant who is good at pulling in Real Estate leads isn’t going to be the person you want to hire for your eCommerce store or tech start-up. Anyone who says they’re good at everything is lying. And the consultant should have case studies that apply to your brand.

5. What does the on-boarding process look like?

Your ad agency should have a clearly defined process for bringing you on-board. The process should be smooth sailing because it’s their job to make your life easier. Plus, the smoother and faster the processes, the quicker you can start to see results.

We’re in the golden years of Facebook advertising and now is the best time to rapidly grow your business through this powerful platform. So if you’re thinking about hiring a consultant, congrats to you for taking the first step towards real growth!

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