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Fall Line digital Marketing

5 Ways To Reach More Of Your Target Audience With Your Facebook Ads

200 thousand? 1.5 million? 2.6 million? 10 million? How big is too big when it comes to Facebook audiences? Should I try to target all of these people? These are common questions any Facebook advertiser has contemplated at one time.When it comes to Facebook audience sizes the tiny home movement methodology does not apply. Bigger is better. Especially when you’re running campaigns...

How To Know Which Cold Traffic Audience To Use For Your E-Commerce Facebook Ads

SHOULD I USE INTEREST TARGETING OR A LOOK-A-LIKE AUDIENCE TARGETING FOR MY FACEBOOK ADS? To keep all things equal, I’m going to assume we’re talking about top funnel, cold traffic ads targeted to a new audience who is not familiar with your brand (because this is the Facebook targeting strategy I would recommend for this segment of your...