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We like to say there are three main parts to any successful e-commerce business: 

  1. Product Market Fit
  2. Digital Advertising
  3. Website Conversion Rate 

We talk a lot about what happens ‘before the click,’ like how to launch a Facebook campaign, how to bulletproof your Facebook advertising strategy, and why your Facebook ads aren’t working. 

But today we’re diving into tools to help you ‘after the click’ – how to convert more of the traffic you have strategically attracted to your site – we’re talking about Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).  

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?

CRO is the process of increasing the number of conversions and average order value from the traffic that is already visiting your website.

CRO Example, if 100 people visit your website and 2 of those people purchase, your conversion rate would be 2%. Which according to e-commerce industry standards, you’d be slightly above average. The median e-commerce conversion rate is about 1.84%, the top 25% is at about 3.71%, and the top 10% is at 6.25%.

Wouldn’t it be incredible to increase your conversion rate above 5%? 

Here are 6 Shopify apps that have been proven to help our clients:


Ever wanted to check your cart before adding another product to it? Then by doing so lost the product you were debating on buying? Unfortunately, this happens a lot and causes many customers not only to be frustrated but to forget adding the other item altogether.

Slide Cart works by replacing the default cart page with an on-page enhanced version and makes your cart accessible from anywhere on your site. This will increase conversions by keeping customers focused on buying the new product instead of losing their place trying to check their current cart.


Increasing your average order value is another way to increase sales from people already visiting your website. With the In Cart Upsell app, you can easily add laser-targeted upsell products or offers without using annoying pop-ups. As your customers shop in your store, In Cart Upsell watches what is in their shopping cart. When they start the checkout process, one of the products/offers that you have set up gently appears, asking if they’d like to add the item to their order. You can customize your offers to any type of customer or combination of products!


Did you know 55% of abandoned carts are due to too high of a total cost of purchase? Now you can allow buyers to pay over time. In 4 easy payments. At no extra cost. Plus, Sezzle assumes all credit risk and you get paid in full immediately. Sezzle takes a small percentage of the sale, but if cost is a possible barrier to your product it’s probably worth the percentage. 


Customer reviews play a tremendous role in whether or not someone buys your products or someone else’s products. People want to know what others think before they buy. Plus, it gives your site credibility. If your store does not have a way for current customers to leave product & company reviews and new potential customers to read those reviews, you are missing out on a big opportunity! With YotPo, you will be able to easily collect reviews, add ratings to your product pages, and even display those ratings in organic search results and Google Ads! That’s huge!


Always keeping your customers in the loop about your business updates, promotions, and special events is a key element of managing customer relationships. Informing them with a display banner on your website is a simple and effective way to achieve this. Quick Announcement Bar makes that very easy. You can even do highly targeted banners by page, referring source, country and so much more!


One of the most challenging things your e-commerce store faces is keeping users engaged on your website – not only with compelling products, spot-on copy, amazing photography – but also with things to interact with. All In One Product Zoom helps you to add Image Zoom features to your product view and gives your customers an amazing viewing experience so they can see your products up close. 

The companies that are getting the highest conversion rate are the ones investing time and resources not only into digital advertising, but into what happens after the click. With 1,000s of Shopify apps out there, it’s always a good idea to test different apps that might work better for your specific Shopify theme or e-commerce product.  

Please leave a comment with any other valuable apps we may have been missing!

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