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5 Ways To Reach More Of Your Target Audience With Your Facebook Ads

5 Ways To Reach More Of Your Target Audience With Your Facebook Ads

200 thousand?
1.5 million?
2.6 million?
10 million?

How big is too big when it comes to Facebook audiences? Should I try to target all of these people?

These are common questions any Facebook advertiser has contemplated at one time.When it comes to Facebook audience sizes the tiny home movement methodology does not apply. Bigger is better. Especially when you’re running campaigns 365 days a year, and have budget to support going after a new “cold” audience.

There are two main reasons to create large audiences. 1. Not every person in your audience is a likely converter. And 2. The larger the audience the more opportunity you have to find people likely to convert.

Instead of throwing more interests into your targeting, or increasing your budget to reach more people, here are 5 (better) ways to reach more people with your ads.

1. Use The Lowest Cost Bid Strategy

There are different types of bid strategy created to help you control your ad campaigns and cost. But these ad strategies (target cost and bid caps) can dramatically limit your reach. When you do this, Facebook turns into an unconfident teenager on their first date – with sweaty palms, they are hesitant to make any moves because they might blow their chances. Give Facebook the confidence (money) to let their game (algorithm) work.

2. Use Automatic Placements

“I’m only going to place ads on Instagram’s main feed because that’s where we get conversions,” is the thought behind many inexperienced Facebook ad strategists. By doing this, you’re limiting not only your reach, but the times you reach your target audience. The beautiful thing about all of Facebook’s placements is that when you use all of them you get more impressions for cheaper and you’re able to cross-target people across multiple platforms – and also on websites they are browzing.

3. Increase Your Conversion Window

Increase your conversion window especially if your e-commerce product is expensive or has a longer sales cycle. This helps Facebook push through their 50-conversion period quicker. And on that note…

4. Change The Conversion Pixel You’re Optimizing For

If you’re optimizing for purchases and aren’t getting more than 50 purchase conversions in a week, Facebook is going to have a hard time finding more purchasers. Instead optimize for Add To Cart or View Content conversions.

5. Use High Percent Look-A-Like Audience

Look-A-Like Audiences help create a higher intent customer and if you’ve been running ads for a long time and your ad creative is still getting high scores, while your first-time impression ratio is also increasing, it’s time to create newer, bigger, 4,5 or 6% Look-A-Like Audiences.

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