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5 Lesser Known Audiences to Target With Your Facebook Ads

5 Lesser Known Audiences to Target With Your Facebook Ads

Facebook prides itself in being able to have laser sharp targeting abilities. But the truth is, the system only works if;

  1. You know what you’re doing
  2. You have existing data to feed the system

Otherwise you could be dumping your valuable money down a black hole.
Interest based targeting is only going to get you so far. Importing email lists into Facebook, and then either targeting that email list or creating a look-a-like audience based off that audience is a little more sophisticated, but also will run dry at some point.
So, what do you do when those ads have fatigued and that list is exhausted?

Here are 5 other audiences to consider creating;

1. Look A Like: FB Fans
There’s something to be said about those who have subscribed to you and opted into your updates. In many ways this list could be more effective than an email retargeting list.

2. Look A Like: IG Followers
It might surprise you, but those who follow you on Instagram could be a completely different audience than those who follow you on Facebook. For one of my eCommerce clients, the look-a-like list of Instagram followers was complete GOLD! Outperforming email, email look a like, and FB followers and converting at 5:1 ROAS.

3. Landing Page Retargeting
Retargeting landing page visitors through Facebook ads could be the extra layer you need to amplify your existing marketing efforts. If you a running targeted email or paid search campaigns, targeting these users through social could be very effective.

4. Website Purchasers
Instead of pulling in your entire email database, why not target those who have already purchased from you with a special deal?

5. People Who Have Engaged With a Video Ad
There’s some really cool stuff here you can do by creating a broad reach video campaign, and then retargeting those who have watched a certain percentage of that video. Think of it like a social advertising drip campaign.

That’s it. That’s all. Have a good weekend!