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5 Inspiring Podcasts for Work and Life

5 Inspiring Podcasts for Work and Life

The #5minuteFriday series is simple. A post that takes me no longer than 5 minutes to write, and you no longer than 5 minutes to read.

Time to type fast.

Ready, go.

5 Inspiring Podcasts for Work and Life

The School of Greatness

What it’s about: Lewis Howes interviews though leaders, entrepreneurs and inspiring people to uncover a different way of thinking and reaching your greatest potential.

Why I like it: So hooked on this podcast! No two topics are the same and I find the interviews uncover actionable items I can apply to everyday life. The podcast is very relevant for anyone who is looking for a little inspiration or a different view on how to improve, connect and be better.

Social Media Marketing Podcast with Michael Stelzner

What it’s about: Social media marketing. Shocker! Some of the topics get into content marketing, advertising, email, funnels, etc. as to how they fit with social.

Why I like it: Michael Stelzner is a great interviewer and asks the tough questions to his guests to get a little deeper into each topics. There is a ton of social media advice and fluff out there, and not all episodes go deep, but some certainly have taught me new things.

The Pitch

What it’s about: Sharktank in podcast form. Entrepreneurs pitch a panel of investors.

Why I like it: How many people think of ideas every day, “wow that would be a good business to start”? And how many actually do it? I love to hear the revenue models and the unique challenges of each of the start-ups, as well as why the investors believe certain ideas are better than others.

How I Built This With Guy Roz

What it’s about: Guy Roz interviews entrepreneurs about how they started their business and what they have had to overcome and give up to make it happen.

Why I like it: It’s NPR, so you know it’s good. But I love to hear about how simple ideas become billion dollar brands, and all the stuff in between that got in the way. Patagonia and Clif Bar were my favorite episodes so far.

Reply All

What it’s about: Gimlet Media’s investigative journalists dive in deep to understand why things are the way they are, and what they can do to fix it.

Why I like it: Anything by Gimlet is amazing. But Reply All opens your eyes to different worlds. I recommend “The Profit” – episode #112, Long Distance I & II, and the Cathedral is a tear jerker.

Happy weekend.

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