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3 Facebook Ad Strategies Working in a Post IOS-14 World

3 Facebook Ad Strategies Working in a Post IOS-14 World

Apple’s IOS-14 update has had impacted the way Facebook and Instagram results and simply put what was working in early 2021 isn’t working anymore. Anyone who says otherwise is either selling toilet paper in a pandemic or is lying.

Of course, there are varying different degrees of impact across accounts and businesses.

And lucky for you (and me), with a little bit of effort, there are still ways to get your Facebook ads to work for your e-commerce business. I’ve outlined three tips below for what’s working right now:

1. Running a Reel strategy.

*Not a typo. Instagram Reels ads are here! And they’re awesome for three reasons. 1. When done right, Reel ads feel like content your friends would post. Good ads don’t feel like ads, and Reels are brilliant way to reach your target audience. 2. Reel placements are cheap! Average CPMs (cost/1000 impressions) $2-$4, where as average CPMs for other placements are $12-$20+. 3. You can retarget Reel viewers on other placements! If you’re not testing this placement, or even worse, running the same ads you are on stories or main placements here, you’re not only missing out, you could be making your brand look bad.

2. Breaking Campaigns Down By Device

Part of growing a business is scaling your ad spend. Another part of growing a business is reducing wasted spend. Since the IOS-14 update, Facebook is missing some of the data it previously had to run highly effective ads to those on Apple devices. Lucky for you, you’re able to see if running ads to iOS users is still as profitable as it once was, and if or where you might need to reduce spend, increase spend or pivot next.

3. Running Lead Gen Campaigns

Since iOS-14 online businesses need to be even more focused on first party data and owning a relationship with past and future customers. Facebook’s Lead gen campaigns, (aka email acquisition campaigns), are a great way to build your email list (aka first party data), especially leading up to the holiday season. I like to highlight here as many businesses are “channel hopping” – you can acquire an email address for $1.50 from Facebook ads, or you can pay $1.50 for someone to visit your site *one time* from a Google Ad. Which would you rather have? Both are important but I cannot stress enough how valuable these kinds of campaigns are for your overall marketing right now.

Are you still running ads to all placements? Are you still running your feed ads to the stories and reel placements? Are you not working towards building your first-party data leading up to the holiday season?

These are all things that should be on your mind. Long gone are the days of Facebook ads where mediocre ad buyers could get away with getting results. We’ve reached a new chapter, and this requires a lot more effort and testing.