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3 Easy Ways To Optimize Your E-Commerce Facebook Ads

3 Easy Ways To Optimize Your E-Commerce Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram advertising can be a magical way to reach new people, retarget website visitors and grow your e-commerce brand.

The problem is Facebook ads are complicated, and always changing. There’s a lot to learn and there are always more ways to optimize your ads.

Today we’ve boiled down 3 easy ways to optimize your ads. Before you try to optimize your Facebook ads you should always try to get at least 10,000 impressions from your ads. You want to build a data baseline before optimizing your ads and making too many changes.

1. Make Sure Frequency And Ad Spend Are Aligned

For mid and low funnel ads, check your frequency to make sure you are reaching people enough times to make an impression. On the same note, if you’re frequency is really high (10 or above over a 3-day period), consider scaling back your budget to give your audience a breather from your ads.

2. Check Your Click Through Rate (CTR)

If your CTR is under 1% it’s time to take a look at your ad creative and/or audience. If people aren’t clicking on your ads their not finding your ad creative/product relevant and they aren’t taking the next step towards purchase.

3. Update Engagement Audiences

Engagement audiences don’t update on their own – like website traffic and look-a-like audiences do. If you’re targeting people who have engaged with your page, you need to update these lists constantly.

Check these 3 places every day and you will have a better handle on how to get the best results for your campaigns.