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10 Social Media Ideas To Build Your Gym’s Community

Updated: Oct 5, 2018

As a gym owner the success and failure if your gym depends on one thing; your ability to create a community among your members. When members feel more connected to each other, they’ll continue to come back week after week, month after month, year after year. Plus they’ll become brand advocates for your gym and recruit non-gym members to join them.

But how do you “create” a community among members? Besides all of the amazing things you’re hopefully already doing like group fitness classes, member on-boarding, getting to know your members on a 1 v. 1 basis and creating a supportive environment, you can also help create a community through social media.

Let’s take a look at 10 ideas you might not have thought of:

1.Reward The Early Risers

Every day (or pick one day a week) for a month, surprise and delight the first person who gets to the gym with a small gift certificate, gym towel, water bottle etc. Post the photo on Facebook and inspire others to get their workout in for the day. This does two things;

  • It makes the early riser feel good
  • It motivates other members and gives them a chance to show support.

2. Create a Private Facebook Community For Only Members

Facebook lets you create a private group where members request to be added. Within this group you can post more intimate updates you might not post on your Facebook page such as asking for suggestions on class times or new classes, sharing local events (such as 5ks or concerts), announcing member engagements or new babies or bidding farewell to a member who is moving. The options are really endless here! Plus, this gives a safe place for members to connect with each other. They’ll feel like they’re a part of a special group who gets insider information – because they are!

3. Go LIVE Before A Popular Group Fitness Class

You know that iPhone in your hand? Take it to one of your most popular classes and show your fans a live view of what happens in the class either on Instagram or Facebook. Ask your fans if they have any questions, and why they aren’t there!

4. Highlight A Trainer Of The Month

Your trainers, coaches and instructors are the heart and soul of your gym. Snap a photo and do a quick profile; where are they from, what they like to do when they’re not at the gym, their pro-tip for getting results. And then open it up to your members – what questions do they have for the trainer? This will show the trainers are human, approachable and there to help!

5. Highlight A Member Of The Week

Every single one of your members has an interesting story about why they work out at their gym. Maybe they’re a past collegiate athlete, training for a marathon or just moved into town. Sharing these profiles will not only make the member you’re highlighting feel special, it will also help those who see the profile feel more connected to the person.

6. Day In The Life Of A Trainer: Instagram Story Takeover

Let your trainers take over your Instagram story for the day. Show members what they eat, how they workout and how they kick back. The goal here is to let members feel like they know their trainers on a more intimate level.

7. Do a Live Video Of A Training Tip

Don’t over think this one. Your trainers are sitting on a wealth of knowledge about everything from how to perfect your squat to how to choose your weight, to your grip, to warming up or doing a perfect burpee. Pick a topic, make it quick, make it helpful and don’t over think this. And then do this often.

8. Promote A Spirit Day

Pick a day once a month (or more) where you tell members to sport their favorite sports team swag. If anything else, it’s a good conversation piece for members and should stir up some friendly rivalries. Of course, post and highlight member photos on your Facebook page or Facebook community page.

9. Post A Daily Challenge

Post a daily challenge that all of your members can participate in and then hold them accountable by asking them to confirm they’ve done it. This can get fun and competitive, for example timing yourself for 50 burpees and then posting your time.

10. Share A Recipe of The Week

What are you or your trainers eating that’s helping aide your fitness goals? As fitness experts, your members look to you for more than just a place to workout. They’re interested in what they should eat, how they can sleep better, and how they can live a happy and fulfilling lifestyle. Share your pro-tips freely.

Your members might come to your gym because they want results. But they’ll stay because of the support they feel from your gym community. Cultivating a community should be top of mind and social media is a great tool to facilitate support, connection and relationships.

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